Compound Your Interest

By running a Compound Coin wallet with coins inside it you will gain up to 250% APR interest (paid daily depending on the amount of coins held).


When these coins are continued to be held your total amount of coins are compounded with up to 250% APR applied to the new total in your wallet...

Sending Positive Messages

Through the block chain you can send a donation amount to any wallet address with a message in the label for ALL to see through the block chain explorer ...

Love and Peace man ... (or woman).

Donation Giving

Several people in the community have mentioned about donations - we are looking at this and can already convert COMP to other currencies that can then be converted to products or services needed elsewhere in the world...

Please watch this space.

COMP donation address:




Get Interested in Compound Coin

Get FREE Compound Coin from the Community Faucet.

Try Compound Coin for FREE.  Download your wallet and send some coins from the free faucet...

Access the FAUCET

Gain Interest from using your computer

Utilise your computer to run a Compound Coin wallet and gain interest on your coins.

Trade these coins on exchanges like:

Cryptopia *
Trade Satoshi

* Best exchanges for COMPOUND COIN at the moment...

Vote for COMP release on Lescovex Exchange:

Like all crypto curriencies prices can go up or down and this market is still experimental.  *Never purchase more than you can afford to lose. We do not promote the buying of any crypto currency with money but rather other crypto currencies or POS mining.


Next Steps...

Download a wallet, gain some free Compound Coins and start staking today!

Use the Compound Coin Block Explorer to check transactions:

Compound Coin Block Explorer

*NB IMPORTANT. If you purchase Compound Coins just like any other Crypto Currency never purchase more than you can afford to lose.  ALL crypto currencies are still experimental.